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About me

My name is Ralph Voesenek, Biology teacher at the Beatrix College in Tilburg. We've started bilingual education at our school in 2009. I was responsible for setting up the subjects Biology and Science in Junior school, although our individual ideas also affected the way we present our department nowadays. This bilingual department gave me the opportunety to get to know more about the CLIL didactics. I attended courses to become better. Underneath you can see my experience with and in bilingual education:

  • English language and professional development course for teachers , 1 week, Hilderstone College, Broadstairs, Kent , England (04/2010);

  • Fourth national CLIL conference, in de Reehorst in Ede (03/2010);

  • CLIL 2 week course for teachers who teach Science or Maths ‘bilingually’ in English, Cheltenham, England (11/2011);

  • CLIL in Cumbria, Activating Teaching & learning in the English CLIL Classroom, 1 week, Carlisle, England (05/2012);

  • eTwinning and 21st Century Skills partner finding workshop in Cardiff, Wales, 1 weekend (03/2013);

  • Sixth national CLIL conference, CLIL broadens your Horizons, in de Reehorst in Ede (11/2013);

  • Cambridge CLIL certificate at professional level (2014);

  • Organisatie van TTO Science docenten uitwisselingsmiddag, regio Brabant (2015);

  • Seventh national CLIL conference, Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (11/2015);

  • CLIL teachers course, 1 week, Burford England, (16-20 May 2016)

  • Nuffic National Clil Conference, for a global future; Beatrix gebouw in Utrecht (10-11-2017);

  • Workshopleider CLIL, op het Beatrix College, interne bijscholingsmiddag (nov 2017);

  • LOF project: CLIL ideas go cross curricula, LOF lab A (17-4-2019), B (18-9-2019), C (22-1-2020);

  • Nuffic Conferentie Taal en wereldburgerschap in het VO: the next level (nov 2019);

  • Workshopleider CLIL in online lessen, online LOF lab TTO (19-11-2020);

  • CLIL coach course, Rosie Tanner (sept 2021 - jan 2022);

  • World CLIL 2022, The Hague, Netherlands (7-8 July 2022);

  • CLIL coach training, Cumbria CLIL (1 week in September, and 1 week in November 2022);

  • Workshopleader for Cumbria CLIL, Nuffic Conference 2023, Bunnik, Netherlands (10 Nov 2023);

  • Workshopleader and Teacher trainer CLIL, Cumbria CLIL (1 week in Februari, 3 days in August, and 3 days in November 2023).

Bilingual studies developed my own didactic skills and because of this I love to design new lesson activities. After struggling a lot I got the idea to try to assemble CLIL activities of all different subjects on a website. The LOF project helped me to publish this. Without the help of my very appreciated colleagues this couldn't be here. Hopefully this website will help you design your activities in class.

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