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Speaking: Over mij


Give pupils the names of happenings. Gives other pupils the explanations of these different happenings. Let the pupils try to find each other in class. The have to talk and discuss with each other to find out. You can extent this with giving the pupils some language or sentences to use (scaffold).


Create two circles with pupils, an inner circle and an outer circle. One circle will moves the opposite direction as the other. You can do various games with this. For example explaining something to each other, ask each other questions about a certain topic or let the just speak about the note they have in their hands!

Flash cards

Give each pupil a little card with a name. They first have to understand it, so they might need some time to look it up. As a teacher you might want the pupils to use some language. Project that as a scaffold on the board. The pupils have to explain their card to a random person in class. When it is explained the pupils swap cards and do this a few times more with other classmates.

Speaking: Bestanden
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