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Clil and online learning

In my opinion it's hard to insert Clil activities in an online learning programme. At our school we are busy developing and setting up a new ELO, Its Learning. The idea is to build a planner where the pupils can work on exercises and find information they need to enable them to work at their own pace and level. In my opinion one of the most important activities in bilingual education is learn from each other, work together to talk to each other, to extend their vocab and develop their speaking. Setting up an online workspace for pupils is one way to be more creative in this area.

Here are some ideas to think about:

1. Variety in your lesson. Which means that the pupils will not work on their laptops the entire lesson;

2. Plan in some video sessions with classmates and/or pupils from other schools (and different countries);

    You can find useful websites with the toolbar ICT tools & websites.

3. Let classmates with different pace and level of L2 work together on online learning exercises (vary the pairs now and then);

4. Develop exercises where pupils have to answer verbally;

5. Develop tasks where pupils have to read vocab or pieces of text;

6. Let the pupils develop an online presentation. They might want to do a livestream presentation where they share their screen with the viewers.

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